The Knowledge Awards

The Knowledge Awards are conferred on candidates who, innovatively and inspiringly, manage to bring knowledge to others, which favours the competetiveness and the entrepreneurial climate in Sweden. Everybody can nominate and be nominated! The prize is awarded by the Swedish National Encyclopedia with partners. There are three award categories: The Knowledge Award, the International Honorary Prize and the People’s Choice.

In the category People’s Choice it is the Swedish people who decide the prize winner by voting for their favourite. The awards, each worth 250,000 Swedish kronor, are presented, together with a glass sculpture designed by Bertil Vallien, at a gala banquet in Stockholm City Hall.

The Knowledge Awards were set up in 2002 by the Swedish National Encyclopedia. The commitment to the Knowledge Awards and the promotion of a higher level of knowledge in Sweden are shared by the Swedish National Encyclopedia and a number of associated partners who also want to take an active responsibility for the advancement of knowledge in all sectors of society.  A basic idea behind the Knowledge Awards is to involve, as far as possible, also far-sighted companies and organizations. With a broad commitment to the idea, the Awards can be a unifying force for the advancement of knowledge in Sweden. As a result of wide publicity, the open nomination process and the inspiration as role models offered by the nominees, the prize has become recognized as a broadly based knowledge award — a knowledge forum that promotes, among many people, greater awareness, further stimulation and new ideas. The prize enhances an awareness of the need for knowledge to be maintained and developed, so as not to depreciate. Thus, the prize contributes to raising the level of knowledge in Sweden.